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VendorFund is the all-new crowdfunding service that allows you to give the gift of a dream wedding! Whether it’s a live band, a photo booth, or the floral arrangements, VendorFund is the platform for friends and family to help pay for an unforgettable wedding day experience!


The Knot Real Weddings Study surveyed nearly 13,000 couples married that year, and learned that guest experience is taking priority: 


“Couples are so excited to show their guests a good time that the average cost per guest has reached an all-time high. Custom guest entertainment has more than tripled, with up to 40 percent of newlyweds saying they splurged on fun reception amenities (Maggie Seaver, The Knot).”


VendorFund co-founder and CEO, Drew X Coles, has watched this shift in the wedding industry firsthand, as owners of New York City’s premiere wedding band, The Metropolitan Players. They cherish the privilege to be an integral part of the celebration that brings two families together, and understand what a difference it makes to have high-quality vendors! But weddings are expensive, and the guest experience a couple dreams for their special day may not always be within their budget.


Drew was inspired to find a way to help every couple afford their dream wedding, and by combining the concept of a wedding gift registry and a crowdfunding service, like Kickstarter, VendorFund was born!


The mission of VendorFund is to create a world in which couples can enjoy their dream wedding celebration without stressing over the cost by allowing guests to contribute to the experience.


Visit our “How It Works” and “FAQ” pages to learn more, and get started today to give the gift of a dream wedding!

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